Chocolate is made of fermented cocoa beans from the fruit of the cocoa tree. The cocoa tree was cultivated 3000 years ago by the natives in Central America. In the 15th century cocoa was brought to Europe where the chocolate manufacturing and refinement has been more and more perfected. 

Since the creation of milk chocolate and the invention of the conching process in the 19th century Swiss chocolate has gained its worldwide fame. Karl Rottenhöfer AG offers the best Swiss chocolate quality. Our portfolio consists of a large variety of origin chocolate, classic chocolate bars, special chocolate for children, as well as interesting products for niche markets.


The origin of confectionery has its roots in ancient Egypt and ancient Greece. Back then, fine confectionery was used as a form of sacrificial offering to the Gods. During the Roman Empire it finally was brought to Europe. With global expansion of Christianity, abbeys and monasteries had adopted and developed the art of confectionery, especially in Germany. Their artisanal spirit and craftsmanship layed down foundation for the world famous Genuine Dresdner Christmas Cake and Nuremberg Gingerbread. 

The product range of Karl Rottenhöfer AG consists of a variety of the finest cakes and of seasonal traditional pastries like Christmas Stollen cakes, Gingerbread and Gingerbread cubes. These bakery products represent the genuine German baking tradition all over the world.